Moving Tips

Moving can be a very stressful event in an individual or a family’s life. Moving Labor Help Center aims to lessen your stress by providing you relocation solutions. Our professionals have years of experience in organizing and executing all types of moves, nationwide, across the country. Here are some just a few moving tips we’ve found to be beneficial over the years to help your move go smoothly.

Create A Central Space For Packing

Put all of your markers, packing tape, boxes, labels and anything else needed in this space. Keeping all of this together will help you to stay organized and ensure you can always find what you need when you’re in the middle of a packing frenzy.

Get More Than Enough Boxes

This is an issue we have seen many people come across. Even if you have leftovers, you can always bring them back for a refund or recycle them. Always keep at least 5 boxes aside for last minute items you may need to pack on moving day. This will guarantee you don’t have anything thrown into garbage bags and accidentally put out with the trash.

Label Your Boxes Specifically

“Files A-F” is better than “Files”, “Cups and Mugs” is better than “Misc Kitchen”. Write a list of everything that goes into each box and number the boxes in coordination with the lists. This will make unpacking and organizing in your new home or office much easier, and ensure you know where each box should go.

Let It Go!!!

Moving can be a great time to do some cleaning. Throw a garage sale, donate unwanted or unused things to charity, or simply throw out things you no longer want or have a need for. We all tend to hold onto things we have no use for, just in case there comes a day we will want it. Let it go!! Make piles, “Give away” “Throw away” and “Keep”. Don’t bring all that clutter into your new home. Let It Go!

Transfer and/or Disconnect Your Utilities in Advance

There are many different utility companies nationwide. This can often make the decision time consuming. By starting the process well in advance, you will ensure that there is no delay in receiving heat or AC in your new home, and will ensure you have internet and TV services shortly after the move. Go online and find out the exact requirements for your utilities or internet service transfers as soon as you know your new address.