Standard Repair Coverage Insurance

What does this policy cover?

The free policy covers 60¢ per lb for each item in your inventory.

Example Scenario: The movers drop your 50lb $1,500 plasma TV – Up to $30 for repair

(60¢ x 50lbs)

What’s the cost?

FREE for all moving jobs booked on movinglaborhelpcenter.

Goods are covered while they are being professionally packed

Goods are covered while they are loaded/unloaded.

Maximum coverage amount $10k


Full-Value Replacement Coverage

What does this policy cover?

It covers the entire value of every item in your inventory.

What’s the cost?

The cost of this policy is determined by the total price of your goods. Complete your inventory in step 2 to get an exact price.

Who’s this for?

If you have larger, high-priced goods (like antique furniture or a 52″ plasma TV) then you might want to spring for the extra coverage. This policy is completely handled by our insurance provider


With proper preparation, you can avoid damaged items and ensure that if an item is damaged, it will be covered under the provided valuation. One key to being prepared for your move is having the necessary tools and equipment available that moving labor companies do not provide. These include:

Furniture Pads: Always have furniture pads available for your load. A general estimate is one dozen pads per 5′ of space. However, this estimate should be adjusted to fit your needs. If your entire rental truck will be filled with the furniture you should likely double the number of pads normally required. We base our estimates and crew sizes on other factors, notably the amount of space we have to work with. Because we do not provide weight assessments and we do not determine the space needed to complete your move, it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that enough space is available to complete their load.

Dollies, Rope & Tie Downs: While many of our movers carry dollies and rope as a normal inventory item, not all do. Dollies, rope, and tie-downs are not part of our mandatory equipment and the customer should always have them available just in case.


If something was damaged during your recent move, or you weren’t satisfied with the service the movers provided. Either way, we’re sorry that you weren’t 100% satisfied with your experience with the movers or with Moving Labor Help Center. We hope you’ll give us a chance to resolve your complaints about the service or damage claims! We have a dedicated team ready to get started on your claim. To get going on this, please send us an email at

Again, we’re sorry and we hope to be able to help resolve any issue you came across during your recent move.