If you have an upcoming move and require someone to do the heavy lifting, you may not realize that you have options beyond simply asking your family and friends to show up on your moving day. Instead, you can easily hire MLHCPro local furniture movers to load or unload your moving truck without breaking the bank. Our options make it easy for you or your business to hire a moving crew for just the right amount of help as you may need. 

Not only is it useful to have movers available to lift your heavy items, our movers can also help you complete your move faster and more efficiently. Our furniture movers are used to carrying large, bulky items and furniture as well as stacking and arranging them efficiently — so it won’t take our movers nearly as long to load or unload as it would you and your friends or family. It’s important to keep in mind that because our local furniture movers are so efficient at making things fit together in moving vehicles, you may also be able to save money on transportation costs.

How many moving labor helpers do I need?

While our minimum crew size offered is two movers for two hours, you can always add extra movers or time to your order. A two-person moving labor crew can easily handle smaller moves and partial loading. If your move involves more than two bedrooms total, MLHCPro recommends at least a three-person team. We recommend adding a fourth moving labor crew member for moves with more than four bedrooms.

Preparing for moving day

Before moving day, be sure to measure any large furniture items to make sure they will fit through your doorways. Our movers can do very light disassembly, such as removing feet from couches, but they won’t have a full set of tools on hand in order to completely disassemble large furniture pieces for loading and unloading. If this is something that will be needed, you will want to be sure to do it before your furniture movers arrive. You will also want to prepare your items for loading on moving day by wrapping them with moving blankets and/or paper padding. Keep in mind that the moving crew doesn’t assist with packing. On moving day, you can prepare your space for the loading or unloading helpers by clearing a pathway to the moving truck. Be sure to remove any potential tripping hazards throughout your house, such as any rugs or cords. If you’d like for the moving helpers to secure your items as they are loaded, please be sure to have ropes or straps ready.